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Time4VPS Launches VPN Service!

SkyeSkye Moderator
edited August 2018 in General Discussions

Specialized in a range of high-quality virtual dedicated servers for professionals, the company Time4VPS has introduced an AES-256 encrypted VPN service. VPN servers are available on three continents: Europe, North America, and Asia. You can order it HERE

According to Time4VPS CEO Arvydas Strausas, nowadays internet users are concerned about their privacy and security. In fact, not all internet apps, such as e-mail, web, messaging, Facebook, etc., are secure. In this case, the VPN service provides extra encryption and security for transferring personal data.

“We use plenty of various applications each day. In fact, not all of them are secure. At the end of the day, insecure browsing can end up with a theft of our passwords and other personal information. Basically, the VPN service is one of the most reliable solutions to protect ourselves from this”, – says Mr. Strausas.

By encrypting internet traffic, VPN service helps to avoid leaking of such personal data as user's online activity or web browsing history to the third parties. For example, advertisers. Also, VPN protects against cyber criminals when using low-security networks, such as public Wi-Fi hotspot, and helps to evade country restriction.

Time4VPS offers a ready-to-use and easy to set up VPN service that allows using P2P safely. L2TP and OpenVPN protocols are available to perform fast speed, even on connections with a high latency and across great distances.

If you have any questions regarding VPN service, please contact our support team.


  • Greetings, How can I use the VPN service on my Amazon Fire Stick? I'm in México and would like to know if I can see US content like Amazon Prime, Netflix, US sports on my Fire Stick or any other device in my home LAN. 

    Thanks. :)
  • JustinaJustina Moderator
    edited November 2019

    There are two ways to use the Time4VPS VPN service:

    1) L2TP VPN
    2) OpenVPN

    Learn the configurations on different devices here:

    Unfortunately, you will not be able to use the service otherwise.
  • Hello, I got questions regarding new VPN servise:
    1) Is it allowed to have TCP connections between clients connected to VPN server? We need it for our company in following scenario: database server in HQ have open VPN connection, and sales person on the road have open VPN connection from laptop. Would it be possible from application on laptop to connect to DB on server with TCP?
    2) If yes, is it possible to have fixed private addresses for clients? In our scenario app need to know server IP address.
    3) If yes, is it possible to route subnets through VPN? In scenario like this: OpenVPN client is running on router in HQ and there is a private corporate LAN behind it. Now another person connects to VPN and would like to have transparent routing to corporate LAN.

    I know all this possible with OpenVPN server, but require server side configuration. We already have it on rented Virtual Server. The purpose of my question is to understand can we switch to dedicated VPN service instead of paying for VPS for a single purpose of running our own OpenVPN.

  • JustinaJustina Moderator

    Hello AndrewL,

    1) No
    2) Since the first answer is no, it is not possible either
    3) Since the first answer is no, it is not possible either

    The configuration as such is limited due to security measures. Your current decision to use an OpenVPN server running on your VPS is significantly more secure and our recommendation is to continue using it.

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