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OpenVZ 6 EOL

aberkokeaberkoke Member
edited March 2018 in General Discussions

I have noticed that OpenVZ 6, which is the version used in the standard vps and vps-storage services, will reach end of life by Nov 2019.

What are your plans by then? Are you thinking to migrate the current accounts to another virtualization technology?



  • GiedriusGiedrius Administrator
    Hello aberkoke,

    Our team is aware of this situation and possible options are currently being checked and tested. Although, I could not tell the final option right now.

    We do offer a KVM VPS for quite some time already, which most likely be an option in the future.

    What I can tell is that we will make an announcement with suggestions sometime in the future, for sure. Be sure to follow us on social channels to know about such announcements.
  • Ok. I will expect that announcement. 

  • Now that the price of the Container VPS has been increased by more than 100% stating that
    "We have put great efforts into developing our infrastructure to provide you with a highest-quality hosting service and more efficient packages." is it reasonable to expect to finally upgrade the OpenVZ before the November End of Life deadline?
  • WilliamWilliam Moderator
    Hello yacef,

    currently, the plan is that after the EOL for some time updates and OpenVZ support will be done through KernelCare. During this time, the migrations to OpenVZ 7 would be done gradually.
  • Any updates ? which kernel with openvz 7 ?
  • Hey everyone,

    from today all newly ordered Container VPS comes in OpenVZ 7 with 3.10.0 kernel:

  • Valentine said:
    from today all newly ordered Container VPS comes in OpenVZ 7 with 3.10.0 kernel:

    How about old servers? I'm an old customer and kernel update is more than welcome!

  • JustinaJustina Moderator
    edited February 2021
    you can simply backup your data and reinstall server. After reinstallation Container VPS are converted to OpenVZ7.
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