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SkyeSkye Moderator
edited June 2018 in General Discussions

Watch FIFA World Cup Doesn’t Matter Where on Earth You Live

The biggest sports event is about to start very soon! So, even your resident country doesn't broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2018, we want to make sure you won’t miss this spectacular event!

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How to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018?

As the event will be definitely shown somewhere, you can simply use the VPN service. Follow this handy guide made by our customer support to configure the VPN service. But basically, you need to perform these basic steps:

1. Download and install a VPN;

2. Configure it on your device – read the tutorial;

3. Connect to the appropriate server location (Time4VPS VPN servers are available on three continents: Europe, North America, and Asia);

4. Go to the broadcaster’s live stream.

List of FIFA World Cup 2018 broadcasters

Here you go, the main channels all around the world to watch the FIFA World Cup:




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