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Backup service is available now!

SkyeSkye Moderator
edited July 2019 in General Discussions
Losing all your files after a long day of work is not fun. Order our backup service for you VPS Linux, VPS Windows and VPS Container and take care of your files.

Daily and Weekly Backups

Be safe and backup all your important files. Time4VPS can provide a service of generating the daily and weekly backups for your VPS hosting. This includes Linux VPSWindows VPS and Container VPS packages for a low additional 1 EUR monthly fee. Please keep in mind that backups for your files are only done after ordering the backup's service from us. 

Where can I order backups for my files?

It’s easy! The Backup for all your VPS Linux, VPS Windows or VPS Container files can be ordered directly on Time4VPS client area.

Why is it worth to order Backup service for my files?

  • Your backups are 100% safe and available at all times. You can reach your files easily whenever you want and security has always been one of our top priorities.
  • You can avoid data loss caused by unexpected software-related issues or some type of human error. It’s very frustrating, when all your day’s work gets lost because of a simple mistake, careless deletion or a technical issue. With our backup service you can avoid that.
  • Save your time by backing up your site automatically. You don’t have to do anything! Order our backup service and the work of backing up your VPS Linux, VPS Windows or VPS Container files will be done for you.
  • Your backup is stored on the separate node.
  • Backing up your data does not take a lot of time and money. Only 1 EUR per month and all your data will backed up for you.
Do not lose your information one more time. Order our backup service and make your files safe. Contact our 24/7 customer service if you have any more questions about ordering a backup for your data.

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