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Some questions regarding service

I've recently ordered a 2 TB storage VPS from you. Since I'm also from Lithuania (but since this is an English language forum, I'll write in English), the connection speed from my home (Telia 1 Gbps FTTH) is almost as fast as if the VPS was on my home LAN. Works great for doing cloud backups.
I have some questions:
* Can disk space on storage VPS be used as an additional space for a non-storage VPS by linking the two using local IPs ?
* Are other services of Interneto Vizija (like, and hosted on the same data center ? If so, can VPS local IPs be used to link VPSes of Time4VPS and VPSes hosted by other services of Interneto Vizija or are those IPs private only to Time4VPS ?
* Do you allow to host private OpenVPN servers on storage VPSes (or any other VPSes) ? If so, can VPS public IP be used as a proxy ?
* Is running Samba over SSL a good idea ? I know OpenVPN is more secure, but it's about 4 times slower than plain SSL.


  • WilliamWilliam Moderator

    I will provide answers in the same order as was your questions:

    * Yes, you can set your storage VPS service with Linux VPS or Windows VPS services over NFS or Samba.
    * Yes, since we are a department of Interneto Vizija, our VPS services are located in the same datacenter. The connection can be established over Local IP between our company's projects.
    * We do not prohibit usage of OpenVPN or using VPS as proxy if it is private and used only by you. 
    * Securing your data stream is never bad. However the speed of the connection will be slower, due to need to encrypt/decipher the transferred data. Here I would say it depends on individual preference if the acquired speed over SSL connection will still be suitable for you.
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