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[cPanel & WHM] Using LiteSpeed Cache (LSCWP) for your sites

JustinaJustina Moderator
edited February 2020 in Web hosting control panels

There are various ways to optimize your server. One of them is to use a LiteSpeed Web Server - high performance and scalability web server that has many features, which are designed to strengthen your web hosting infrastructure. In this tutorial, we explain how you can install the LiteSpeed Web server and use one of its features - LiteSpeed Cache plugin (LSCWP), which will improve the performance of the WordPress sites hosted on your server.


LiteSpeed Web Server WHM Plugin can be installed on your server via SSH. The installation commands are listed below:
cd /usr/src
sh ./
After following these steps, you will need to connect to your server through WHM and complete the installation:

LiteSpeed has a paid license. However, for one site, you can use the trial 'Free Starter' version. It is important to note that in order to have a free license, the server must not have more than 2 GB of RAM.

After a successful installation, you should see the following result.


If you want to have both Apache and LiteSpeed Web Server services running on the server at the same time, you will need to change port offset

The ruid2 module is incompatible with LiteSpeed Web Server, so you would need to disable it. It can be done in EasyApache 4 settings. 

Also, some EasyApache PHP installation may be missing the timezoneDB extension, you should also resolve this:

Finally, you will need to setup root cache. You will see this option after clicking Manage Cache Installations:

By clicking you will be notified that server and/or Virtual Host cache root has not yet been set and have an option to make changes:

Enabling LiteSpeed Cache

After setting cache root, go back to the LiteSpeed manager and pick Manage Cache Installations again. You will then need to pick a LiteSpeed version you want to use:

Finally, run the scan and enable LiteSpeed Cache to the available sites:


You can uninstall LiteSpeed Web Server via SSH:

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