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Storage VPS uses EOL software (OpenVZ 6 and 2.6.32)

I was looking around for a cheap VPS with low specs but lots of storage, and found the "Storage VPS" offered here. Not until after I signed up (and noticed that only very old operating systems were supported) that I realised that it runs on an ancient kernel, 2.6.32. OpenVZ 6 has been EOL since november 2019, and the RHEL6 kernel which it uses hasn't received updates since June 2020.

Are there plans to upgrade "Storage VPS" to OpenVZ 7 too?



  • ValentineValentine Administrator

    currently, there are no such plans.

  • Why not? How can you advertise VPS's where 4/5 of the installable operating systems are EOL and highly insecure? How can you intend for such poor-security servers to be used to store sensitive data?

  • bjobjo Member

    You could use to switch to Alpine so the OS itself wouldn't be outdated.

  • Before renewing for another 2 years of hosting for a Storage VPS in October 2020 I contacted time4vps support about this who said that they are exploring options to move these servers to a new/different virtualization and will inform all the customers that have such type of server when the solution is finalized.

    Can someone from time4vps please state what is happening to update these servers or whether new Storage VPS will be available that we can migrate to?

  • ValentineValentine Administrator

    We are still figuring out the best way to approach this in order to offer our customers the best services. When we will be ready we will surely let you know.

  • Is there any update on this? This problem has lasted for way too long, it's unacceptable

  • IevazIevaz Administrator

    Hello ciuigu,

    unfortunately, but no. We are still searching for solutions to upgrade Storage VPS servers, however, no deadline is foreseen yet.
    As it was said already, we will inform our clients when we will upgrade our Storage servers.

  • dima98dima98 Member

    OpenVZ 6 allows for easier storage ”overselling” plus the migration in that situation would be time costly.

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